Sunshine Gardens and Landscaping Service

Sunshine Gardens and Landscaping has qualified and experienced staff to meet all your garden, horticulture and landscape requirements.

Choose Sunshine Gardens and Landscaping and you’ll be supporting a great local
charity to make a positive difference in the lives of people living with disabilities.

Sunshine Gardens gives back 100% of all profits to support the not-for-profit disability charity Sunshine Butterflies. Sunshine Butterflies is a Sunshine Coast-based charity that strives to improve all areas in the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Sunshine Gardens provides Landscape Design and Construction, residential and
commercial Garden and Lawn Maintenance, Indoor Plant Hire, and Pandanus Care services
to the entire Sunshine Coast, Gympie, and Cooloola Regions.

Check out our services below.

Landscaping and Design

Combining their extensive knowledge of horticulture and functional landscape design, the Sunshine Gardens team can provide

  • Onsite consultations
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Detailed landscape concept plans
  • Residential and commercial landscaping solutions
  • Garden maintenance and lawn care
  • Garden lighting, design, and installation (Garden lighting is a fabulous way to enhance your landscape project, it helps to take on many new dimensions in your outdoor space).

The Sunshine Gardens team is passionate about horticulture, has a keen eye for design and outstanding customer service, and is making a positive difference in the community by supporting a great local charity.

At present, the Sunshine Gardens team has no capacity to take on new landscaping work. Please contact us to be put on the waitlist.

Indoor Plant Hire

Sunshine Butterflies Indoor Plant Hire is an exciting new Supported Employment Initiative for individuals living with disability.

Indoor Plant Hire by Sunshine Butterflies is run under the guidance of qualified Horticulturist, Damien Walsh who has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Through this initiative individuals living with disability will be employed to work closely with support workers with horticulture experience to provide indoor plant hire services to local businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

Indoor Plant Hire services include:

  • Indoor plant design consultation to create a beautiful green office that meets your requirements and budget
  • Plant and pot selection and placement
  • Weekly plant maintenance on site
  • Regular plant rotations so your business greenery is always at its best

Through this Supported Employment initiative, individuals living with disability will have the opportunity to work in their local community, develop small business skills, learn about horticulture and gain independence and confidence.

Let Sunshine Butterflies Indoor Plant Hire team take the stress out of beautifying your office environment and allow you to enjoy all the benefits that indoor plants provide to your space.

Contact Sunshine Butterflies Indoor Plant Hire for your free design consultation today.

Garden Maintenance

At present the Sunshine Gardens team have no capacity to take on new garden maintenance work. Please contact us to be put on the waitlist.

Integrated Pandanus Management

One of the Sunshine Coast’s most iconic plants, the coastal Pandanus tree is under threat from dieback caused by a combination of crown rot fungus and infestation from the Pandanus plant hopper Lamella australiae, scale and mealybug.

Sunshine Gardens has qualified and experienced staff who can provide advice to assist you to diagnose your plants and through biological, physical, cultural, and chemical control, repair your Pandanus back to a healthy state.

Pandanus dieback symptoms include:

  • Small yellowing heads
  • Many dead leaves in or under the head
  • Black fungus down the trunk and branches
  • Have yellowing speckled leaves
  • Have tip dieback in the centre of the heads
  • Have some heads dying and dropping off
  • Have white scaly residue or larvae in the dead leaves
  • Have very thin and spindly trunk and branches

Sunshine Gardens provide advice on treatment, maintenance and ongoing management to bring your Pandanus back to life. A healthy Pandanus should have large grey and green heads, no dead leaves, thick trunk and strong branches.

Sunshine Gardens is a business initiative of Sunshine Butterflies, which helps to cover the day to day running costs of the disability charity and ensure the programs and services are top quality.

For a donation of $100.00 to Sunshine Butterflies, we can provide you with advice and support on pandanus treatment. Contact us on 07 5470 2830 or [email protected] to book your consultation appointment.